Milestone Reached

Milestone Reached

Doing anything for 25 years is a hell of an accomplishment especially if it has been successful.

July 1992 began the adventure that has become Lorraine Gregory Communications.

After a career in the NYCPD from which I retired early I felt too young to be retired and sought different opportunities. Along the way, I had helped my brother build his proxy mail service company and learned the production side of that business. Serendipitously, I found a mailing company, a very small one for sure, that was for sale; I needed a job. My wife Lorraine, and I pooled our money and took the biggest plunge of our lives; we bought it.

Day one had me running a storefront mailing operation with no computer, no fax machine, and no automated mailing equipment. The client list numbered around 40 accounts. Failure was not an option in those heady days. Thankfully, those accounts yielded many referrals. The client base expanded and expanded.

The Post Office gave us a big hand in 1994, when they established very favorable postage discounts that we used to promote our services, and save clients’ money. That boost in sales lead to bigger space requirements and over time the company has moved or added space four times. As of this writing we are actively engaged in finding a new headquarters worthy of the agency we have become.

Experiencing double digit growth every year was exhilarating; we had our foot on the gas pedal. Technology and equipment advances were put on line to serve a client base that consists of Colleges, Hospitals, Schools, Municipalities, Charities, B2B and B2C companies. Last count was a solid client base hovering around 800.

Over the last five years Lorraine Gregory has undergone a transformation of major significance. Three companies have been acquired that added a depth of skill and services, allowing for more comprehensive end to end offerings. Folded into those acquisition was a conscious rebranding and modification of our business model. Our history and strength had always been in marketing, but it was limited to the physical efforts of print and mail. The marketing world was moving at a fast pace touting combining all available platforms and outlets to place messages and offers in front of diverse audiences by traditional and digital means.

To compete in that arena Lorraine Gregory began adding skilled marketers to staff including veteran advertising executives, public relations, graphic designers, digital and social media operators, web developers and account executives that bring the best of each discipline to bear for each campaign or assignment.

The rebranding has proved to be hugely successful. In very short order Lorraine Gregory has been noticed, recognized, and honored with several awards that are a direct result of our team approach and outward facing efforts. These awards are important in their own regard, but more importantly it allows us to show our wares and attract new and exciting opportunities.

We tell prospects that one of our major differences is that not only are we a full 360 degree marketing agency, and all that it encompasses, but we also own the factory.

The last 25 years have been blessed indeed, but surely are not the end of the story, merely a chapter in an epic journey.  So far it has been a hell of a ride.

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