In typical LGC fashion, we are spicing things up. How you ask?? This year during the holiday season we are skipping the poinsettias. We apologize to those of you who rely on our poinsettias to decorate your offices, homes, or simply re-gift them. But, for those of you who dread watering this gift every day, we have great news. This year we are utilizing our privilege to give and partnering with LICF to make a contribution in honor of all of our clients.

With big hearts, we’re giving our typical money spent on flowers, that you would probably let die, on things that truly matter. This money will go to a fund that will be dispersed amongst numerous charities. No one is making us give, we are doing it out of the love and respect for the people around us, especially for those that aren’t as fortunate.

When most think about giving and receiving gifts they think of something tangible or a physical reminder of that gift. Honestly, the investment and accumulation of ‘stuff’ does not show our love and appreciation, nor does it bring us happiness. This holiday season we want to bring happiness to all of our clients, as well as LGC, knowing that we all gave more than just a plant to one another. We brought happiness to those who need it most.

Remember this holiday season that it is not about the giving and receiving of tangible gifts. Show your love and appreciation in ways that truly matter to the individuals who need it most this holiday season. Volunteer your time, donate your spare change and give that warm hug. Leave an imprint on someone’s heart this year… you won’t regret it.

With that being said, know that each and every one of our clients inspires us. We are overly grateful and humbled to have such an incredible list of companies, individuals, and organizations to work hand in hand with.

Happy Holidays!