Can you guess why this blog is written in blue? (Read the newsletter to find out the surprising answer)

Conquered another year, did ya, with a gray scale mailer, a logo you drew with a pencil, a website your niece got out of a box and collateral printed on a crappy desktop inkjet. Well, Happy New Year, you get to do the stress all over again in 2017 with probably the same results. Yikes! Take your old habits and fix them now. Remember M.A.P!

Mail/ Remember the Mailer you put together in Microsoft Word at 3 a.m. while sipping your 23rd cup of coffee? Well, it didn’t look professional & you paid full price for postage. Thankfully, we are here to save your postage budget, assemble the mail and help you get down off the caffeine ledge.

Agency/ Remember those agencies you met with in January 2016 to refresh your brand with the regurgitating Blah Blah Blah and gave no direction? We’ll deliver an integrated marketing campaign drawn up specifically for you and it just might include bells and whistles! Bet you won’t mind losing the grind and having more personal time for a life.

Printing/ Remember the cost of the ink for your printer & how you couldn’t match the color on the printed-paper verse the color on your computer screen? With our in-house print facility, we’ll deliver the brightest and most sleek mailers you have ever laid eyes on. No more worries about color matching! “Forget about it

So, let’s get to our 2017 Refresh.

First, our designers will brainstorm your look to make you a modern, stand-out company with integrity. New logo, new color scheme, and even a brand reference guide. You cry tears of joy because you never thought your brand could truly be this visually pleasing.

Then, we take your new look and create a direct mail piece for you that you frame and hang in your living room. Grandma will be proud! Not only are you relieved of the stress and work but you and your 10-year-old desktop could have never created something like this.

LGC is a marketing Agency. We are here to make your brand BOLD so your organization stands out. We consume our numerous cups of coffee a day to see a smile on our customer’s faces.

Just as you have created your New Year refresh, we have also created ours. We want to see all of our customers smiling. Beaming ear to ear even. We want you to go on vacation to Aruba because you know we have your back and will go above and beyond for you to be satisfied.


So, why was this written in blue?? Well, colors evoke emotion.  Blue is one of the most poweb designors in webdesign & for a good reason.  You see blue on wesbites a lot because it represents trust.  Blue symbolizes serenity and being calm, and as such inspires security and a feeling of safety.  The calming effect of blue makes it a friendly and inviting color, which explains its adoption by numerous social media platforms.

Blue is also extremely versatile.  Its vibrancy can have more drastic effects than other colors. Light blue represents water and the sky, so it has a refreshing and free feeling as well as energizing while retaining its reliability and calmness.