Wait what?! You heard me! Businesses are playing ‘follow the leader’ in the non-original approach to originality. Businesses are ravenous creatures attempting to be liked, loved, respected, & successful.

Hunger is good, though. Without hunger, there is no ambition. With no ambition, we fail, and so on and so forth.

So let’s add patience to this recipe of non-original originality.   Businesses constantly want results, yesterday. They read the blogs, download the e-books, post on social, stalk competitors & expect Rome to be built in a day, while realistically they need a dedicated team of creative, quirky individuals to create matchless marketing campaigns people are intrigued by.

News Flash: This is where businesses fall on their faces, unless of course, your goal was to build the world’s most useless library of hard copy and digital memorabilia.

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re expecting someone else’s success to work for you. You advertise yourself as unique, but you’re a copy and paste business with someone else’s words, elevator pitches, repurposed social posts & blogs.

We’re all different. Why not show it? Push your limits. Think out of the box. Show that you are unique. You’re not that cookie cutter, culture filled, beer drinking trendy company! YOU ARE DIFFERENT… BE PROUD.

People are successful because they have taken others success and stripped it down and reassembled it for themselves. Just because you’re immediate competitor is at some NYC rooftop bar day drinking while live feeding it on Facebook, doesn’t mean you can’t live feed you sloppily eating your lean cuisine at your desk while designing a clients new logo.

Every company is to have their own voice. Not all are to be exciting. Let your freak flag fly! Let your employees write those risky blogs that teeter on the line of inappropriate. Let your graphics team design that graphic that will have your competitors whispering. Give yourself character!! People love working with the company they relate to.

Now for those of you cookie cutters that are reading this and whispering… Get your butt off that bandwagon and head to 110 Schmitt blvd so we can help you out with this thing called charisma.