Got Started

Over the past 40 years, The Suffolk Y JCC (SYJCC) has moved from a one room office in Smithtown to a 29 acre campus in Commack. Our founders were committed to a philosophy that created a welcoming environment and facility for all members of the community in Suffolk County which was experiencing rapid growth in the 1970s and 1980s. Through a Jewish caring service delivery model, The SYJCC became widely known for its quality and diverse programming and a commitment to assisting those experiencing financial crises. I am proud to lead The SYJCC into the next 40 years and will call upon my 25 years of experience as a NYS-licensed clinical social worker and knowledge gained from masters degrees in social work and business administration to guide me.

Turning Point

The turning point for me and The SYJCC took place in 2015 when the organization determined that a fresh review was needed, and I was appointed to the position. During the past year, we have assessed all of our core businesses, information technology, human resources, marketing and other operations in an effort to develop new strategies for a constantly changing environment. We are using data more than ever to inform our decision making processes and we are refreshing our brand, logo, website and social media presence. While our primary focus is on providing the best service to our membership, we also understand that we must work harder to fully engage the entire community and no longer be “the best kept secret in Suffolk County”. We have developed new partnerships with government, private and public entities to enrich the services we deliver every day.


To best serve the community, we need to understand its needs and how it is changing. For instance, I believe that creating innovative programming inside The SYJCC Commack facility for all is as important as determining how best to serve aging seniors across the 2,300 square mile county. Our vision is to become THE first place the people of Suffolk County think of when looking for social, recreational and educational programs.

Company’s Profile Today

Today, The SYJCC is the social, recreational and educational hub of the Jewish and broader Suffolk County community. The SYJCC provides NYS-licensed early childhood education and day care; summer camping; fitness and aquatics; theater arts; and youth, senior and other family service programs to approximately 20,000 people each year, 500-700 each day. We are proud that the demographics of our membership reflect those of the entire Suffolk community. On any given day, infants and centenarians are gathering under one roof to participate in The SYJCC’s programming. We leverage our fitness center consisting of a full weight room, two gymnasiums, 240,000 gallon indoor heated pool and whirlpool, and state-of-the-art locker rooms to provide enhanced services to our day care program and Butler Special Needs Center which supports individuals living with autism spectrum disorders. Our summer camps offer value and familial feelings that are unrivaled. Our expanded performing arts programs include the newly launched Stars of Broadway series which brings current Broadway performers to our 600-seat theater, as well as our acclaimed Star Playhouse and TACSY community theater production companies. We are also at the forefront of developing innovative programs designed to help seniors age independently and safely in their homes. In addition to SYJCC members, we are grateful to UJA-Federation of New York, Suffolk County, United Way of Long Island, The Townwide Fund of Huntington, and other public and private entities and donors for their generous support.

Future Opportunities

The SYJCC is positioned to support individuals and families at every stage of life. We look forward to expanding our brand and ensuring the entire community is aware of the availability of our services, and then demonstrating our value. We are able to provide a one-stop workforce support service whereby locally employed individuals can drop off their children at daycare, grab a quick workout, go to work and return later in the day for pick up. We intend to broaden relationships with corporate partners which can then offer added benefits and services to their employees The SYJCC is committed to continuously working to improve quality of life across Suffolk County.