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The Spring of 2020 will forever change the landscape of business and society in general. It will be married to the Coronavirus pandemic for all of history. We are now self-isolating, social [...]

War Effort 2.0

Business as usual. What the hell does that mean during what is quickly becoming a coast to coast social interaction disruption and economic shutdown. Call it social distancing, self-isolation or [...]

For the Want of a Hug

Being with people has been put on hold. Hopefully it’s a temporary thing, because I can’t stand no touching, kissing, handshakes or hugging. Even before this social distancing and [...]

The 3:00 AM Blues

The red numbers stare hauntingly in the dark. The numbers are irrelevant unless of course you are determining how little you have slept. When the ‘I leave the office at work’ strategy breaks down [...]

Dial 988

Dial 988 – The FCC recently recommended a new three-digit National Suicide Prevention Hotline number to provide easy access to support for people in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress. As a [...]

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